FilledFrame for Creators

Our Mission

FilledFrame exists to take your photography beyond peoples' phones and into their homes or, more specifically (but less rhymingly) onto their walls.

If you are anything like me, you put a lot of effort, and a lot of yourself, into your photography. You've also put in the time to create real connections with your audience. FilledFrame lets you leverage all of that effort to earn some extra cash, all while deepening your bond with your friends and followers by making your photography part of their surroundings.

Our goal is to be the easiest way for you to start selling prints online. Setting up a website and creating individual listings is a lot of work, not to mention fulfilling orders, processing payments, handling customer service, returns, and all the other little day-to-day challenges of running an ecommerce site. At FilledFrame, we do all of that work for you. All you need to do is get us the photographs, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting. 


While we do plan to eventually open some (but not all) of our services to any and all Content Creators, for now we are strictly invitation-only. 

Why FilledFrame?

There are lots of ecommerce platforms out there, including some specifically catered to selling prints, so why should you work with us? 

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, we do all of the work for you. You select what photographs you want to sell, get us the files, and we take it from there. 

Even platforms catered specifically to photographers take a lot of time and effort to get up and running. Some of them claim that you can have a website up in minutes, but having tried just about all of them, that is only true if you just want to sell one or two photos. Putting your photographs up on FilledFrame Gallery is also a lot of work - it is just that we are doing it, so you don't have to. 


We do not charge anything to use our service. We are 100% commission-based, so we only make money when you make money. Monthly or annual fees can really add up, leaving many of our competitor's customers spending more to host their gallery than they are making off of it. With us, even if you never sell a single print, you can never do worse than break even. 

Another great thing about FilledFrame; we don't have a Silver Plan, a Gold Plan, or any other Give-Us-More-Of-Your-Money plan. We don't charge anything out of pocket today, and aren't looking to get you to upgrade (AKA pay more) tomorrow.

Personal Touch

We are a startup and, like most small businesses, we really care about our customers. We will do everything in our power to make sure your experience with us is a great one. We also want to hear what you have to say. If you have any feedback on our products, our site, our mission, or just about anything else, please let us know

High-End Prints, Mounting & Framing

We only sell high-end products. Our paper prints, for example, use fine-art, eco-friendly, bamboo giclee paper. We also offer a range of mounting and framing options so all your customers need to to is hang and admire their new artwork. You can find more details on our Formats page, or by looking at any of the listings in our Prototype Gallery


We have two offerings available - but they are not mutually exclusive, so if you received an invitation, feel free to take advantage of both.

FilledFrame Gallery

FilledFrame Gallery features a number of talented Creators and diverse genres of photography. It is a great place for customers to discover new Creators and shop a variety of prints. We will be advertising and marketing the FilledFrame Gallery to find customers for you.

We split the profits (price - cost for the physical print) 50/50 with Creators featured on FilledFrame Gallery.

While we do plan to open some of our services to all Creators, FilledFrame Gallery will continue to be invitation-only.     

You can see our prototype FilledFrame Gallery here. Please note that we will be adding more photographers and genres before our official launch on August 25th. 

Private Galleries

Our Private Galleries have the same look and feel as the FilledFrame Gallery, with the big difference being that they only feature a single Creator's work. Creator galleries are perfect for photographers who already have an established audience, be they friends, family, or social media followers. 

We take a smaller 25% commission on Private Galleries, but it is up to you to find customers. 

You can see an example of one of our Private Galleries, featuring the work of the talented Joe Moreno here

A Powerful Combination

As mentioned above, these two options are not mutually exclusive. You can list a few pieces on FilledFrame Gallery to find new customers, while sharing your Private Gallery with your existing audience. Heck, we will even link from your listings on the FilledFrame Gallery to your Private Gallery, so customers who like what they see can explore more of your work and earn you a higher commission! 

Pricing & Commissions

We are just getting started, so we are keeping it simple using standardized pricing. In the future, we will let Creators set their own markup.

Markup / Commissions

This is what we charge customers above and beyond the physical cost of the print. Your commission and our income both come out of this portion of the price. For prints sold through FilledFrame Gallery, we take 50% and you keep 50%. For prints sold through your own Private Gallery, we take 25%, the other 75% is all you. 

Currently we charge a $20 markup for an 8x10 print. For other sizes we adjust the price by 1/2 of the amount charged per square inch - or 12.5 cents per square inch - which changes the price by more than you might think. No need to get out your calculator, we did the math on some common sizes in the Pricing Examples table below. 

Physical Cost

This incorporates the cost of the physical print and the fees charged by our payment processor.

We do not mark up the prices set by our fulfillment partner (more on them below) for mounting and framing. This keeps the price as low as possible for your customers. It also means that your commission is unaffected by mounting and framing options and is determined solely by the size of the print, according to the formula above.

Pricing Examples

The table below provides details on the price, physical cost, and your commission for some common sizes. The cost and customer price are based on our eco-friendly paper prints. The markup and commissions would be the same regardless of any mounting and framing options selected, though the physical cost and customer price would change.

Please note that the sizes available and aspect ratio will vary based on the dimensions and resolution of the photograph. 

Price Physical Cost Markup FilledFrame Gallery Commission Private Gallery Commission
8" x 12" $38 $12 $24 $12 $18
12" x 18" $72 $32 $40 $20 $30
16" x 24" $120 $57 $63 $31.50 $47.25
20" x 30" $181 $90 $91 $45.50 $68.25 


Our shipping rates, which are added during checkout, are:

U.S. orders under $50 = $7.50
U.S. orders over $50 = $15.00

International orders = $40.00


We can pay U.S. based Creators by either by Venmo or by check, whichever you prefer. 

Payments for non U.S. Creators will be dependent on local regulations, but will most likely be made through PayPal. We will also need to consider exchange rates and other potential fees based on currency and jurisdiction. If you are outside the U.S., just let us know and we will work through the details with you.


Fulfilled by FinerWorks

We have partnered with one of the nation's best photo labs to make sure that your photos are going to look great on your customer's wall. 

Feel free to check out their website to learn more about them. 

Powered by Shopify

We may be a small player, but our site is hosted and all payments are handled by Shopify, one of the world's biggest ecommerce platforms. You can rest easy knowing that your (and your customer's) data is safe with their industry-leading security practices.

Additional Questions?

If you still have questions, just let us know. If you received an invitation from us o be part of our Gallery, you can jus reply there. Otherwise, we detail all of the ways to get in touch with us on our Contact page.