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About the Photgrapher

Meta Morphe Studio was created by Kelly Farmer of Charleston, South Carolina. This area, known as the Lowcountry, is a low-lying geographic and cultural region laced with salt marshes and barrier islands and is home to a critical source of biodiversity. In this vast, beautiful landscape, she has cultivated a connection to the ever-changing shape, harmony, and flow of coastal living. The environment is teeming with life at all hours and in all seasons. The ebb and flow in nature is always present. Photography became a necessary escape from the pandemic lockdown in 2020; a form of remaining connected to herself and the abundance of uninterrupted life in her surroundings. In this time of uncertainty, the medium of photography became her salvation. She discovered a passion and unearthed an untapped creativity.

About ICM Photography

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a form of movement in photography that merges nature, motion, and light. It unlocks a rarely-seen hidden dimension not captured in traditional "still" photographs. The technique of ICM allows for everyday landscape and living to become a portal into an illusionary space. Our natural world is ever-changing around us as death and rebirth, ebb and flow, recreate and shape the contours of our landscape. ICM captures the beauty in the fluidity and chaos of what we see. Nature's most magnificent gift is in its ability to change; while holding onto the distinct confidence of perseverance. ICM opens the landscape of our minds to possibilities never imagined.

The technique of ICM utilizes shutter speed, contrast, and camera movement to blur the lines of reality into fluid images. A simple setting of 1/4 second, 1/2 second, 1 second and beyond, changes the scene before the camera into a moving, living creation. The movements are as vast as the possibilities of shutter speed. Horizontal and vertical panning with the flow of the natural landscape elongates and undulates the subject. Wavy, diagonal movement exaggerates the horizon and bends it into an altogether different view. In longer shutter speeds, one can capture a subject as well as a foreground texture of the elements surrounding it. It is a celebration of the earth's art in motion.


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